Peer Support

Peer support means to one-to-one support usually by a trained person who has gone through a similar illness. Many can find it helpful to talk to someone who has been through a similar journey. The Canadian Cancer Society offers a free peer support program. Peer support can be provided in person, or over the phone in many languages.

One-To-One Support

Whether  you or your loved one has cancer, it is common to feel anxious, uncertain, sad, and stressed. You are not alone. Many people find that reaching out for one-to-one support can be an important source of support. One-to-one support usually involves a trained health care worker who can give you space to talk about your feelings, and give treatment or therapy if needed. Some examples include psychologists or social workers. You can read more about these professionals in our section entitled “Meet the Team.”


Group Support

Group support can also be a good way to meet others going through a similar experience, while also having a safe space to talk about your own or your loved one’s cancer and experiences. Some organizations such as the Canadian Cancer Society offer support groups led by trained volunteers or peers. Psychologists and social workers can also lead therapy in a group, where tools to manage things such as anxiety, stress, pain, or sadness can be taught. These groups can also give an important place for emotional support and connecting with others in a similar situation. While group numbers vary, usually most groups are made up of 8-12 people and 1 or 2 group leaders.

Informational Support

Sometimes we want more information about cancer. Some examples of questions you might have are how to get support for financial stress, how to talk to loved ones about cancer, or how to find out more about your illness treatment and management options. Below is a list of resources you can explore. Please not that we do not endorse one particular website over another, nor guarantee that all information on these websites is accurate and up to date. The list provided is for information only and does not serve as a substitute for the advice of a health care worker.